Annual Report 2012

                                    Alyth Hill Users Group – Annual Report                      3rd April 2012

compiled by Marian Bruce, Chair


Since March 2011 we have completed Phase 1 of the development plan for Alyth Community Woodland after successful applications for £13,132 of grant funding. The main woodland access path, the link path to Alyth Den, picnic tables and seating have been installed and a bike track feasibility study has been carried out. We have carried out four community events and 6 volunteer days. At least 1266 man/hours (181 days) have been worked by our volunteers. Our membership has increased to 56 and two new sub-groups, the bike group and orchard group, have been formed. We welcomed David Souter and George King onto our committee. We have worked closely with 7 local groups and liaised with 11 outside agencies to achieve our aims. Funding is complete for Phase 2, with £27,082 awarded in grants. Plans are in progress to apply for charitable status.

Report in full Annual Report April 2012

Species recorded at Alyth Community Woodland 9th August 2011

Provisional List of Species recorded at Alyth Community Woodland   9th August 2011

Aglais urticae small tortoiseshell
Aphantopus hyperantus ringlet
Argynnis aglaja dark green fritillary
Argyresthia goedartella a micromoth
Bombus hortorum garden bumblebee
Bombus lapidarius red-tailed bumblebee
Bombus lucorum white-tailed bumblebee
Carabus nemoralis a ground beetle
Cerapteryx graminis antler moth
Cheilosia pagana a hoverfly
Chorthippus brunneus common field grasshopper
Cicadella viridis a leafhopper
Coenonympha pamphilus small heath
Episyrphus balteatus marmalade hoverfly
Eristalis pertinax drone fly
Forficula auricularia common earwig
Helophilus pendulus a hoverfly
Maniola jurtina meadow brown
Mythimna impura smoky wainscot
Omocestus viridulus common green grasshopper
Philaenus spumarius common froghopper
Platycheirus albimanus a hoverfly
Platycheirus granditarsus a hoverfly
Polydesmus angustatus common flat back millipede
Sphaerophoria interupta a hoverfly
Vanessa atalanta red admiral
Vanessa cardui painted lady